The Kojima Neurosurgery Internal Medcine Clinic offers evaluation by CTscan and
treatment of disorders of brain, spinal cord and nerves.
New patient appointments are scheduled through the clinic phone (045) 791-3177.
Follow appointments are scheduled when you visited our clinic.
Yasuhiro Kojima,M.D.
1980 M.D., School of Medicine, University of Yokohama City
1982 Nerorusurgeon of Yokosuka Kyosai Hospital
1983 Nerorusurgeon of KokuritsuYokohama Hospital
1985 Nerorusurgeon of Nishiarai Hospital
1986 Nerorusurgeon of Yokohama MInami Kyosai Hospita
1994 Nerorusurgeon of Yokohama City University Hospital
1995 Headof Nerorusurgeon of Kanazawa Hospital
2002 Current Position
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